Operationalizing Strategy with Super Radiator Coils

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Super Radiator Coils?You may call it a strange fit. I think it’s a perfect fit.

Super Radiator, as they call themselves, is a manufacturing business with a strong research bent. They have stand-along divisions in Arizona, Minnesota and Virginia. Their Virginia division is run by the husband of a past client. That’s the connection.

When I worked at Luck Stone, we had a corporate office, a team of engineers and process analysts, and folks in production. Super Radiator doesn’t specialize in rocks – rather in heat transfer systems, and coils for cooling systems – but many of the principles are the same.

That’s how Caroline and I found ourselves hanging out with a small group of engineers, sales managers and operational leaders from Super Radiator talking about strategic focus and leadership. As usual, we learned more from the team we were facilitating than they could possibly have learned from us! But we provided them with clarity and a pathway along which they could begin to map a growth strategy.

It’s what we try to do for all of our clients. Even if their work doesn’t make any sense to us at first. (Seriously. Check out this video of their test lab here in Richmond.)