Insights Discovery: Making an Investment in Your Team’s Development

One of our favorite conversations goes something like this:

What if I train and develop people in my organization and they leave?

What if you don't and they stay?

Your personal development -- or that of the people on your team, or in your organization -- is an investment that will pay life-long dividends. Today's environment asks each of us to stretch, grow and discover new ways to bring our best selves to our work.

People -- by which we mean well-trained, forward-thinking, engaged people -- are truly your organization's biggest investment. But there's a difference between having employees and cultivating their best potential.

That's where Insights Discovery® comes in. Insights Discovery is an in-depth personality profile built around a simple eight color model to help individuals strengthen their self-awareness, and maximize their ability to create and lead change.

The Floricane team has facilitated hundreds of Insights Discovery for Personal Effectiveness workshops for well over 2,000 individuals. Our last Insights session for 2012 promises to be one of our best. It's happening on Thursday, December 6, and we'd like to invite you and members of our organization to join us.

Find out more at Floricane, or register now. (Want to know what an Insights profile looks like? Download mine and see – and learn more about me than you want to know!)