Small Group Coaching with Bon Secours Virginia

Debra and I have kicked off an exciting new process for a group of key managers and leaders across Bon Secours Virginia.If you don’t already know, Bon Secours Virginia is extremely invested in what they describe as employee engagement, which uses a system of questions developed by Gallupto assess how each team at Bon Secours is performing year-over-year. Two years ago, we interviewed close to 100 leaders across the system whose teams consistently scored well in the process. Our goal was to identify some key attributes of highly engaged leaders.

For the next six months, we’ll be working in small coaching groups of 4-7 managers in an effort to strengthen the leadership and team engagement focus of more than 80 Bon Secours managers. This is the first time Bon Secours Virginia has implemented such a large group coaching process, and we’re excited to be part of it.

Our approach is fairly straightforward: Small, location-specific groups will meet six times to share their challenges, experiences and best advice with each other as it relates to leading and engaging their teams. Debra and I will guide and facilitate the discussions, providing management tips and tools, assignments and accountability to each participant.

While the ultimate goal is to help each leader improve their team’s scores on the Gallup assessment, we believe the real strength of the program is simply providing consistent, peer-based opportunities to develop a new set of leadership “muscles” and behaviors.

We’re excited that we’ve started, and we’re going to be very interested to see how our work helps shape the engagement of these leader’s teams.