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Photos from Tilted RVA III: Small Business Unconference

Tilted RVA III was this past weekend! Floricane had been working with other small businesses to bring this small business unconference to fruition for the third time, and we had such an amazing time with the group of participants. 

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Thoughts on Tilted RVA III & Collaboration (Letter from John, March 2015)

Thoughts on Tilted RVA III & Collaboration (Letter from John, March 2015)

Whenever I wonder why I’m doing what it is I do for a living – building relationships; helping people anticipate the future and connect the dots; creating and facilitating conversations of discovery and possibility – I stumble into another reminder.

Last weekend, members of the Floricane team walked into the room with about 70 entrepreneurs and small business owners to network, share ideas and learn. This was the third year running we’ve worked with a few of our peers (read: six or seven other small business owners) to organize and run Tilted RVA, a small business unconference.

Once again, I was reminded how hungry small business owners are for conversations that matter. How eager all of us are to connect and share our stories. How curious we are about the questions that keep us awake at night. And, once again, I discovered that even when we don’t put our best foot forward, the right people are in the room having the right conversations.