Insights Discovery: New Insights Into Team Effectiveness

More than 700 of our friends and clients have utilized the Insights Discovery® self-awareness tool to explore their personal effectivenessat work, and we continue to introduce the instrument to organizations throughout Richmond. Recently, we've started digging into Insights' Team Effectiveness model. Color us impressed.

Built around the Insights color wheel, the cornerstone to the personal discovery work, the team ef fectiveness model suggests that effective teams leverage four sets of core competencies to do great work. The Insights Team Effectiveness model includes targeted activities to help teams identify and prioritize their own unique behavioral norms -- and opportunities for growth.

FOCUS: A focused team has a clear, shared sense of direction -- and they understand their vision and goals. Keeping their attention focused on specific deliverables, the team is eager to take action, move forward in concrete ways, and hold themselves accountable for their commitments.

FLOW: A team in flow is solutions-focused, creative and collaborative -- and always prone toward collective problem solving. The team learns together, as a team, and regularly engages in discussion and dialogue. Teams in flow are agile, responding quickly to external input and quick to change direction as circumstances evolve.

CLIMATE: In a positive climate, teams demonstrate a high level of trust, and a genuine sense of caring and support for one another. Such teams have a high degree of engagement and motivation, maintain cohesion under pressure, and are able and willing to dive into challenging discussions that can strengthen the team's performance and sense of connection.

PROCESS: Teams that demonstrate a capacity for effective processes have clear roles for each team member, and roles that are linked and interdependent. These teams have a clear decision-making process in place, and established measurements that help monitor progress and provide the team with relevant information.

In a full-day, highly interactive workshop, we take teams through a thorough exploration of their dynamics and begin the serious work of identifying the ways in which the team can leverage each set of team effectiveness competencies. Individual team members create a personal game plan to improve their engagement on the team, and strengthen their contributions.

Join us on December 6 for our last public Insights workshop of the year, and discover ways to engage your team.