If you attended last February’s small business unconference, you know that Tilted is a great way to connect with and learn from other small business owners and entrepreneurs. More than 140 people crowded into our collaborative space in the Richmond Times-Dispatch building for a full day of learning and discovery.

It was one of our favorite events.

But it wasn’t our event. It was organized by 12 small business owners (including us), and it really came together because the 140+ participants were not afraid to build the content collaboratively, and in-the-moment. Hence the term “unconference”.

Well, I’m excited to announce that Tilted is coming back in 2014! Many of the original organizers have signed on, and we’re looking at another late February landing date. Last year, we organized the entire event on a shoestring, and it only took us 45 days. We hope to repeat our low-budget, high-impact success again this year.

Keep your eyes on Facebook, Twitter or the Floricane blog for more news as we start to put the pieces into place.

And mark your calendar for Saturday, March 1. Let's get Tilted.