A New Day

It really is a new day at HCA – or at least at HCA’s John Randolph Medical Center (JRMC) with a relatively new CEO and more than a handful of senior leadership roles recently filled. In March, we spent a day with all of the hospitals leaders – managers and directors from every department – to talk about the ways in which the organization could strengthen its alignment.

It’s always helpful in our work to be supporting a leader with a clear vision. It’s even more helpful when that leader can articulate the vision, and is passionate about helping people be accountable to achieving it. We found such a leader in JRMC’s Suzanne B. Jackson.

Suzanne was willing (and able) to frame her vision for the team as we started our day together. She then stepped out of the way so her team could paint the canvas. Stepping out of the way didn’t mean being invisible, but rolling her own sleeves up and being a participant and a peer to the rest of her team.

Over the course of the day, Suzanne and her team celebrated their wins, identified their challenges and began to craft shared perspectives on the work that the team needed to do to be great. We have no doubt that they’ll make serious progress.