Leadership’s Many Colored Blanket

In our business culture, we lean heartily toward certain characteristics in our leaders. We want men and women who are decisive, have a clear vision, demonstrate an ability to achieve excellence and are filled with confidence. That’s nice, but it represents such a slim snapshot of the aspects of leadership I believe are required by effective leaders.

First off, I believe leadership lives at every level of an organization, and that each of us has powerful opportunities to lead and influence every day. How we choose to interact with our colleagues and coworkers has an essential impact on the tone and tenor of our work together. I’ve worked with mechanics and welders whose day-to-day interactions have had a more substantial impact on the bottom line than most vice presidents – and vice-versa.

At Floricane, we use a personality assessment tool called Insights Discovery® that provides a great starting place for growing self-awareness. Insights uses eight color energies to describe eight core personality types and how they work, communicate, interact with others and make decisions. Each of these 8 Types have important leadership characteristics, and strong leaders learn how to leverage each of them appropriately.

For instance, the Orange Motivator type brings a strong sense of vision and possibility that can motivate and inspire a team to tackle exciting new initiatives. The Green Supporter type draws on a deep set of values and beliefs to lead a team with consistency, integrity and fairness. The Purple Reformer type helps teams think through and effectively evaluate ideas, and to implement them to improve the business.

At our June 10 Insights Discovery Leadership Development workshop, we’ll identify to strengths (and limitations) of each personality type and help participants map out their leadership opportunities. This is our first offering of this exciting new workshop, and we’re looking forward to seeing it in action. Participants must have a Insights profile and have either attended an introductory Insights workshop or had their profile debriefed by a member of our team at attend.

Come build your own leadership rainbow – and transform the way you think about your leadership in action. Join us on June 10!