Get to know the team: Lesley!

With the addition of two new team members, we thought it was high time to bring back the Floricane Q&A! Starting off strong is our newest consultant Lesley Bruno. She's already written a number of killer blog posts, so we thought we'd throw a different style of self-introspection at her and see how she fared. Read on!

Floricane Q&A

1. Do you want to rock n’ roll all night or party everyday? Both. 

2. Which President would you most like to have a drink with, past or present? John Adams, so I could hang with Abigail mostly. 

3. If you were not doing this job you’re doing now, what job would you be working? I don't know how to answer this question. Ship's Captain?

4. Pie or Cake or Neither? Cake all day. 

5. Do you have a favorite Sharpie color? I do love that fuchsia color. 

6. Your favorite place for dinner? Mama Zu. Not very original, but it's just so damn good. 

7. What do you most value in your friends? Showing up, listening and lots of inside jokes. 

8. What is your idea of happiness? Harmony. A clean house. Beautiful surroundings. Music. Friends. Family. A happy, healthy child. 

9. Who are your favorite writers? So many to name, but for me it always comes back to David Foster Wallace essays.

10. Excluding your work a Floricane, who was your best boss, and why? Sarah at George Washington University. She valued my opinion, challenged and added to my skills, treated me with respect, and honored what was probably an annoyingly overactive social life of an engaged 20-something. 

11. What is your go-to book, relative to the work you do with Floricane, and why? So far, Flawless Consulting by Peter Block

12. What are three things you love about Richmond? I can live in a city and not pay a zillion dollars to do it. The view of the river from just about anywhere, but particularly from the Manchester Bridge. Its inherent creativity. Not the recently resurfaced, branded buzzword kind but the real VCU-centered scene from back in the day. It's still around, we just talk about it a lot more. The first rule about creativity is....

13. What’s next for you? God knows. 

14. And lastly, what are the things that excite you most about Floricane, its clients and the community in 2015?  The diversity of our current and prospective clients. The Quirk party! Amtrak!