It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Sweetest of Times

Like bees to honey, or rather to a flowering blackberry bush—as per Floricane’s brand—three sets of hands swarmed around the glorious Sugar Shack box. Upon feasting my eyes, and later my whole being, on a complex maple-bacon creation, I knew I’d come to work at the right place.

Thus began my sweet internship at Floricane, coinciding with post-graduate life as a Richmond transplant. As week two now comes to a close, I feel like I’ve grown, changed, learned—all the clichéd things one is supposed to say about a new city and job, but it’s all with indubitable verity.

During the first week, I began familiarizing myself with the company brand by updating old documents and then curating others, getting a sense of our clients (color me impressed by the variety!), and understanding my fit at Floricane, both professionally and as depicted by the InsightsTM Team Wheel. Day four I found myself speeding down I-95 towards Petersburg with John and Lesley to sit in on a client meeting with FOLAR, and then back to the local conference room (replete with the traditional Post-Its and Sharpies strewn about the table, of course) to brainstorm and reconvene with CodeVA. My head was reeling! I never fathomed how much it takes to build robust client relationships, persist through challenging conversations, and foster meaningful change. And that’s what Floricane is all about. Lessons learned.

Week two’s highlight featured the first in a series of the Summer of Self-Discovery workshops hosted by Floricane in partnership with The Chrysalis Institute. Akin to the mental imagery exercise we performed, picture in your own mind around 40 individuals from all walks of life taking a break from their hectic schedules to learn how to slow down, be mindful, and, of course, enjoy delectable summer treats. Dimmed lights, relaxed bodies meditating on the floor and twisting in simple yoga poses, and tuning into really living fully through all five senses—the workshop was a success and left me excited to help with and participate in the ones down the road.

Reflecting on my time here thus far, I feel so fortunate to be part of a dynamic team comprised of colorful personalities and distinct working styles. At a team lunch the other day, John asked me what words I would use to describe Floricane based on what I’d observed so far. Immediately, “vibrant” flooded my brain—from the orange, red, lime green walls, to the upbeat soundtrack rocking everyone’s energy up, to the endless coffee, both smooth and aromatic, to the velvety wooden table where ideas are born and donuts are shared (did I cover all five senses?)—vibrancy is definitely a foundational theme. And throughout my span of my internship, I am sure as sugar this trend will live on.

Speaking of consistencies, later that inaugural day two weeks ago, there happened to be a Gelati Celesti truck parked right outside the building. Another Richmond favorite! Such serendipity! As you may have gathered by now, there was no question that I had to wrap up the day on a honeyed note. The flavor? You guessed it. Maple bacon.