WotWW Day #3: More Laughter, Please

Sometimes space makes all the difference.

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Sometimes you can think too much.

Sometimes you need to be really tired before you start making sense.

These are a few lessons I’ve drawn from the first three days of Floricane’s Work on the Work week, or as Lesley calls it #WotWW.

This is the fourth #WotWW at Floricane since we stumbled upon the idea of spending a week without clients to focus on our business a few times a year. We’re not even finished with the week, and I’m ready to chalk it up as the hardest.

When the team wrapped up day two yesterday, we were spent. And we had a much deeper appreciation for our client teams – circular conversations, spinning wheels, the words being spoken not equaling the words being heard. (Note to future self: Sometimes you just need a good, neutral facilitator.)

Today felt better.

The space was better today. We started in the VCU Depot building, an amazingly restored urban trolley station blessed with Alchemy Coffee as a tenant. The space felt good, the coffee was excellent, and we laughed more.

To regain traction, we began with a look at our 60 Day Sprint – the 21 key projects and initiatives that we need to land exceptionally well by Labor Day. Many of these emerged as action items from our first two days of #WotWW. Forest, trees, actionable progress.

Did I mention we laughed more? We laughed about quail hunting. Also book clubs. And then we spent time deconstructing the Floricane brand. We identified some aspirations, some areas we want to be have a more palatable presence in the Floricane brand – Fun, Challenging, Authentic, Relational. There was thinking going on, but it was more relaxed. Maybe less guarded. More authentic, even.

We end #WotWW tomorrow – fortunately for our emotional energy, I’m running a statewide Sister Cities International annual meeting on Friday.

We’re ending with a few high notes – a celebratory team lunch at The Daily, followed by drinks and dessert at Amuse. Hopefully, we’ll laugh more.