Get to Know the Team: Debra!

To kick off 2015, we'll be featuring one member of the Floricane team on our blog each week, using a questionnaire that really asks the tough questions.

This week: Debra Saneda, Floricane's resident coaching expert. Debra is a certified coach who has spent over ten years working with organizations, teams, and individuals, helping them to achieve their goals. She's a great listener and a keeps our team in harmony with each other. Get to know her a little more!

Do you want to rock n’ roll all night or party everyday? Rock ‘n roll all night.

Which President would you most like to have a drink with, past or present? JFK

Pie or Cake or Neither?  PIE

Your favorite place for dinner? The Boathouse at Sunday Park – or any restaurant with a water view.

What do you most value in your friends? Loyalty, sense of humor and when they push me to be my best.

Who are your favorite writers?  Anne Lamott and Adyashanti

The natural talent that you’d like to be gifted with? to sing

Excluding your work a Floricane, who was your best boss, and why? Rich was one of the best bosses I have had because he walked the talk. He was open to ideas, challenged my thinking and gave me opportunities to do things I never thought I could. He lead with a pure belief in people and that together we can accomplish great things.

What is your go-to book, relative to the work you do with Floricane, and why? Hard to pick just one: Change Your Questions, Change Your Life by Marilee Adams. Also, Good to Great by Jim Collins and several books/resources on Emotional Intelligence.

And lastly, what are the things that excite you most about Floricane, its clients and the community in 2015? The opportunity to work with great clients doing great work in the community. Our new offerings such as the Leadership Circle and the Manager Development Program are exciting because we get to try new approaches to our work.

Thanks, Debra!