Memoirs of an Intern


So sitting here in my normal chair, surrounded by the orange and yellow walls to which I’ve grown quite accustomed, I’ve realized a few things. First, that I need a chair with a proper back in order to do any decent work. I don’t know how John and Theran can operate in stools all day. Second, how much that working with Floricane has done for me.

Coming in, I had a vague idea of what duties might await me, while the specifics kept me on edge. What if I messed up? Truth is, John would probably laugh at me, and Caroline would give me some sort of reassurance. The laid back approach of the team here definitely saved my frail college student ego from getting shattered by the reality of the working world, and for that I am grateful.

In some ways, Floricane and I are in similar positions. We are both growing and figuring out our place in Richmond (me especially, being a Baltimore county native. I know where nothing is around here). But as I make my way from college student, to Randolph-Macon graduate, to job-hungry young adult, I’m definitely going to be reflecting on my experience as an intern. The way the team approaches organizational change, leadership, and strategic planning is something that I can take with me anywhere I choose to go.

I won’t say Floricane changed my life (John might laugh at me again), but I will say that I had a fantastic time here in 1E.