Getting to Better Managers

I wrote a blog post last fall about the importance of good management in organizations. Three months later, I’m excited that we’re kicking off our new Manager Development Program with almost 30 participants from 12 very different organizations.

In fact, it is happening RIGHT NOW. Here’s evidence:

MDP day 1.jpg

For the next two months, we’ll collectively examine the best (and the worst) practices and qualities of managers who create stronger teams and better results for their organizations. I anticipate that the Floricane team will actually learn as much, if not more, than the participants along the way.

For me, one of the more exciting aspects of this new program is that it is a collaborative effort involving all six members of the Floricane team. (Seven, actually, as we’ve put our intern Austin Collett to work on it!) I think it’s a much better product as a result.

We’ll wrap things up in March, gather feedback from participants, deconstruct the program, and offer it again in the fall. Stay tuned for updates from the classroom…