Thoughts on the Manager Development Program

Manager Development Program Planning
This might be the most comprehensive offering we’ve created in Floricane’s six years.

To say I’m excited about our new Manager Development Program would be an understatement. The six-day event – which runs over three months – is a direct response to something we’re seeing every day in our client organizations.

For a variety of reasons – the economy and a generational shift top the list – we’re seeing more managers who haven't had an opportunity to develop core management skills. In some cases, it is because the managers are young, and haven’t had time to build skills. In other cases, it is the result of an underinvestment by employers.

Whatever the cause, the result is the same – less organizational alignment, decreased team effectiveness, lower employee engagement.

Recently, our team sat down to work through a framework to help managers better identify what sits squarely in the intersection of their organization and their team. Here’s a hint – managers do.

From this vantage point, managers are uniquely qualified to build the relationships, provide the clarity, develop the talent and coordinate the solutions that help good teams become great teams – and that achieve tangible business results.

In our first two days on the Manager Development Program, we’ll spend a lot of time exploring the skills of effective managers. We’ll also help participants better understand why each skill matters, and how each skill drives results. As the program continues, participants will be introduced to a set of management fundamentals – self-awareness, effective communication, giving and receiving feedback, strategic thinking, decision making and the like. We’ll wrap up with individual action plans.

This might be the most comprehensive offering we’ve created in Floricane’s six years. I’m excited to see it come to fruition – and to learn with an amazing mix of people from a broad range of businesses and nonprofits.

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