The Podium Foundation

The motto of Richmond’s Podium Foundation is, “Where Kids Take A Stand”. Last month, the board of the nonprofit – which works with students in Richmond Public Schools to explore the profession of writing and their own writing talent – took a step.

This step -- toward better organization, alignment and engagement -- is one more organizations could benefit from taking sooner.

Podium was founded by Richmond author David Robbins, whose passion and strong vision have been instrumental in the organization’s initial successes. New board members and new opportunities are creating space for Podium to be more intentional and structured – without losing its nimbleness and energy.

Cara and I spent a recent evening with seven of Podium’s board members exploring new ways for the nonprofit to organize its board more effectively. 

As sometimes happens, the first hour seemed a bit like feeling our way through a dark room. Without much time to meet individually with board members in advance, we had to quickly get a sense of what the group hoped to accomplish – and make sure our time together provided outcomes that mattered to them.

Three hours later, we walked out the door with an organizational game plan and a clear agenda for Podium’s board retreat slated for later that week.

If you’re not familiar with Podium, check out their website. Better yet, stop by a local Kroger and pick up Podium's second published collection of writing by Richmond school kids – you’ll find it on the free publication rack.