We Have Draft

A revised Mission? Check. A new Vision? Yes. Strategic outcomes? Affirmative. A draft strategic planning document? Done.

At their July meeting, the board of directors of Children, Incorporated gave a green light to the draft planning document created by a small team of employees with support from Floricane. It was a big – but not the last – milestone in our work together.

From the get-go, we’d made a commitment to make the strategic planning process as open, inclusive and collaborative as possible. Keeping the 25 employees of the international child sponsorship agency energized by a nine-month process hasn’t been a cakewalk – the organization is ready and waiting for tangible outcomes.

We think putting some meat on the bones outlined in their draft plan will satisfy that need.

Over the next few weeks, Floricane will work with small teams of employees to map out specific tactics and timelines that get Children, Incorporated closer to each of their strategic outcomes. And closer to their mission of being “a non-profit organization that provides resources for children in need in the United States and abroad, because we passionately believe that children everywhere deserve education, hope and opportunity.”

We hope to deliver a final strategic plan to the organization in September.