Tourism in the Richmond Region: After the Deluge

RMCVB Planning Session

The Richmond region has braced itself for a spike in tourism – driven both by economic recovery and by the 150th anniversary recognition of the American Civil War and the emancipation of millions of enslaved Americans. The organization responsible for representing and promoting the region outside of Richmond, the Richmond Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau (RMCVB) has started planning for life after the CW150.

The entire Floricane team is on deck – along with our project partners Peter Fraser and Lauren Stewart – to create a regional tourism vision plan with RMCVB over the next several months.

We’ll be casting a wide net to help the RMCVB identify the region’s best opportunities to market to, attract and meet the needs of the next generation of tourists, who will visit Richmond and the region over the next decade. In addition to one-on-one conversations with 20 regional government officials and

cultural leaders, we’ll facilitate a series of brainstorming conversations with several hundred representatives from the local retail, hospitality, transportation,

sports and creative communities. RMCVB will also be surveying targeted groups outside of Richmond to deepen our understanding of what “tourism products”

make Richmond most attractive.

The vision plan will be a energetic, high-level document designed to help the region’s tourism stakeholders anticipate the next wave of visitors to Richmond,

and to continue creating the right tourism infrastructure to make their experience exceptional. Our hope is to deliver the final plan to RMCVB and their community of friends and stakeholders as part of National Tourism Week in May.