Planning for the Peninsula

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A new area of work for Floricane over the past year has been with community organizations and local governments. As a result, we’re particularly excited about the opportunity to facilitate a strategic planning initiative for the staff and Board of Commissioners of the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission (MPPDC).

The MPPDC is one of 21 planning district commissions (PDC) in Virginia; these groups represent local governments on a regional level, and are made up of public officials and citizens. The MPPDC stretches from the Chesapeake Bay through the incorporated towns of West Point and Tappahanock to the west; it is

bounded by the Rappahanock and York rivers.

In March, we’ll spend a day with the staff and commissioners of the MPPDC talking about the region, and ways to strengthen the focus and effectiveness both of the staff and the board. We’ll follow that day with a working session with a smaller project team to build alignment and clarify details before submitting a full

report back to the MPPDC team.