Letter from John: January 2012

Our team is alternately excited and astounded by the emerging landscape that stretches ahead of us in 2012. It's the 21st Century version of loading everything you own into a wagon and joining your neighbors on a westward migration.

Collaboration will be the appropriately overusedterm of the year at Floricane. There is almost nothing visible on our business horizon that doesn't involve a clear and exciting partnership with other organizations.

  • We are at the beginning of a fascinating conversation with the Richmond Times-Dispatch about how to turn extra r eal estate into an active business laboratory that drives new ways of thinking and working downtown.
  • Thanks to a willingness to engage in an exploration of possibility, the Richmond Symphony is actively working with us to develop a new concept at the intersection of music, composition and organizational culture. A large leadership group from HCA will be among the first to experience this new way of exploring organizational culture and change this spring.
  •     A group of 20 pioneering young professionals, including our own Sarah Milston, are set to begin work in the Greater Richmond Chamber's new Leadership Lab, a collaborative venture with Luck Companies and Floricane. It's exciting to see Luck's decade-old investment in transformational leadership go public.
  • We're getting the old band back together, and adding a horn section. One among many projects we're tackling in 2012 related to the I.e.* innovation effort: a forward-leaning series exploring the history of innovation and change in Richmond. Floricane will be joined by the Valentine Richmond History Center, the Library of Virginia and other leading history organizations to shape and deliver this cool program this spring.

Those are just four of a growing handful of collaborative spaces we're entering in the coming year. We're increasingly embracing the old-fashioned idea that many hands make light work, and responding in new ways to a continuously changing business landscape. It's what we've been preaching to our clients for three years running.

We're certainly not standing still. New clients, new projects and new teammates form the foundation for the new year, and all of those demand new approaches to our work.

If you are working with Floricane in 2012, I hope you will actively experience what we've been working toward for more than a year -- a genuine team approach to helping your organization bear new fruit. My challenge in this new space is to let a core group of exceptional performers move into position and apply their unique talents in our work. Scary, gratifying stuff -- and more of what we've been preaching for a while now!

So, welcome to 2012, where collaboration is the new black, and Floricane begins to actively operate like a new business. Here's where our strategy meets reality, and the journey begins anew.