Fables of the Reconstruction

We’re rebuilding our approach to strategic planning. Call it our 37 Signals play – or just call it strategic.

The folks at 37 Signals, recently decided against upgrading their premiere web-based collaboration tool for a third time. They decided to rebuild it from the groundup.

“About a year ago, we began discussing how we might improve our best-selling product,” 37 Signals president Jason Fried wrote in a recent issue of Inc. “The more we talked, the more it became clear that the only way to significantly improve Basecamp was to start over.”

We’re not quite there, but John, Sarah and Tina are spending the next several months actively rebuilding our strategic planning process.

An influx of strategic plans over the winter has kept a portion of the Floricane team moving at a sprint. Between laps, we’ve discovered gaps in our process, and opportunities to better engage our clients in our work. In the past, we’d tinker and adjust. Not this year.

Polishing around the edges or procrastination aren’t part of our agenda for 2012. That serves no one’s interests – particularly not those of our next 30 strategic planning clients. We’d rather take one or two key lessons from our first 30 strategic plans, and reinvent.

And so during the first part of March, we’re sequestering ourselves away to do a little Strategic Replanning. We anticipate introducing a more robust strategic process this spring. It’s going to be more adaptable, and much more dynamic – and it will allow our team to be more effective using a process that allows our new clients more flexibility.

We think your organization is going to like it.