Nonprofits and Pinterest: A Tactical Guide

Two weeks ago, Pinterest became the fastest growing website…ever.  I consult with and teach social media for nonprofits and before each semester I try to find a new thing to add to the curriculum.

This semester, Pinterest.

First, what is Pinterest?  I like to say it is the Internet, but curated.  It is essentially a visual bookmarking tool with a social media angle. (WikiHow has a general overview of Pinterest).

It started out to be fairly female dominated but over the last six months men, brands, and a few nonprofits have started migrating over.  So in the mix of everything you need to do as a nonprofit, is pinterest worth your time?  The easy answer is probably yes.


It really depends on your organization’s ability and need to tell your story.  Pinterest would be perfect for a museum, garden, a humane society.  If you are already using a visual storytelling engine like Tumblr or Flickr, pinterest would be a great and easy tie in.


For detailed examples and a list of 7 ways you can use Pinterest, download the Tactical Guide for Nonprofits, posted on Milston Consulting.