Revolution, Innovation & Change: Experience 400 Years of Richmond’s History

We at Floricane have been brimming with excitement to announce this event series for weeks! And now that all the t's are crossed and all the i's dotted, we present to you RIC/RVA: 400 Years of Revolution, Innovation and Change. Working with i.e.* and some of Richmond's premier cultural institutions like the Library of Virginia, Valenti ne Richmond History Center and American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar, we're bringing a different type of event series to you starting March 14. This is our unique, creative admiration letter to this city we all know and love. And like all the b est things in life, all four of these events are FREE. Make sure you're registered for each event here. Below you'll find more about details about the cool activities planned to expand participants' persepctives on Richmond's layered history.


Hosted by the Library of Virginia, participants will be led through an exploration of the varied and oft untouched parts of Richmond's 400 year history; from the well known to the never heard of.  Attendees will then divide into groups, and with the help of nine local creative advertising gurus will develop visual propaganda celebrating moments of transformation and change in #RVA. Register for Session One.


Come join us March 28th at the Valentine Richmond History Center another evening of historic engagement! Begin your night by exploring the current map of Richmond and make your own mark on the city you call home. Then, learn a bit about the buildings and spaces you're un-familiar with, and discover the telling history of things un-built, and dreams un-realized, in this de-construction of RVA. Take a tour through the Valentine's own collection of sculpted history, and re-map our town to exhibit the modern heart and soul of Richmond, Virginia. Just like every event in the RIC/RVA History Series, this event is completely free, with wine and light fare available.  Register for Session Two.


Who needs an award winning film when you have Richmond's long history of tourism videos! Come along for the ride April 11th at the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar for a historically entertaining evening. Grab yourself a glass and get ready to be delighted by a montage of tourism films that have been driving folks to Richmond for 70 years. Some of these things are so bad they're good! Then, let's chat about the story that isn't be told about Richmond, and lets put our heads together to re-tell it. We'll mock up the storyboard while you give us the content. End the evening by chatting about our new story, and get ready to personally have a hand in the new tale. This event is free of charge, with wine and snacks available.  Register for Session Three.


Welcome to the screening of the new Richmond story! Once again we'll enjoy the warm embrace of the Library of Virginia, as we'll watch the film you help create. With the crowd-sourced video content you provided after our 3rd session, and the storyboard we crafted, your handy work will be the feature of the night. Join us for the screening of this 'new story,' then take a moment to chat about what it means to recraft what it is we say about our town, and how we can influence what's said about us in turn. Cap your evening properly with a little networking and a lot of inspiration. This event, like those before, is free of charge with light fare and drinks provided.  Register for Session Four.

See you all at Session One!