New Fruit: Staff Retreat for Virginia Poverty Law Center

We’re delighted to be spending another day in May at the gorgeous Rosslyn Conference and Retreat Center overlooking the James River with the staff of the Virginia Poverty Law Center.

This will be the third year we’ve designed and facilitated the VPLC staff retreat, and we’re taking a new tack this time around.

Our first two retreats were decidedly strategic in nature. The first was a catalyst for VPLC’s new strategic plan, while last year’s session attempted to build on elements of that plan – which was heading to the VPLC board for adoption.

We’re dialing it down this year.

After two VPLC staff members attended one of our Insights Discovery self-awareness workshops earlier this spring, a conversation ensued about using the content for the retreat.

Rather than using the staff retreat as a teaching space – introducing everyone else to Insights, and reviewing their personal profiles – the VPLC staff is leveraging our public workshops to get everyone up-to-speed. That allows us to spend the entire day at Rosslyn using Insights to explore team dynamics, and best approaches for the whole team to function most effectively – and for each individual to best adapt their style to help the whole team be successful.

Our promise to the VPLC team – the day will be fun, interactive and illuminating!