A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Solvency

A funny story.

I was at Luck Companies last week putting the wraps on the #RVA Leadership Lab that the Greater Richmond Chamber, Floricane and Luck Companies presented this year. I always get a little nervous visiting my old employer, but soon found myself standing at the bottom of a sweeping staircase reconnecting with old coworkers.

I was explaining to one how I’d been avoiding a phone call to Luck’s former Chief Financial Officer, who has been working with me this summer on Floricane’s financials and long-term business model.

“Pretty much I haven’t had the energy or the capacity the past few weeks to dig into the conversation Jim is going to make me have about the business,” I explained. Jim Parker, the retired CFO, is a no-nonsense, bottom-line guy. “So, I’ve been avoiding him as much as possible.”

Naturally, I turned mid-sentence – alerted by something in the eyes of my old coworker – to find Jim Parker standing right behind me. Like a Cylone.

The good news? Jim is leaving on an extended summer vacation and our next meeting happens in August. The bad news? No more putting him – or the serious work of running a business – off. Actually, that's good news, too.