Details, Details

You want to know how to end a week on a bad note? Forget to sign the cover sheet of a Commonwealth of Virginia Request for Proposal (RFP) document. That’s what I did recently, and the state agency in question did exactly what they RFP said they would do – they eliminated us from the selection process.

The lesson was exactly the one I need as our team starts to reorient itself for growth – fast can be the enemy of good, and collaboration doesn't mean doing everything on your own.

Down several people this summer, I’m finding myself attempting to be everywhere at once, and to engage in business development, client and business management, and project management simultaneously. It’s challenging, and not an effective way to run a business. It’s also not the business our team has agreed to create – together.

The nice thing about the mistake – which would have equaled Floricane’s entire billings over the past four years – is that it was all mine. I’m the accountable person.

The other nice thing? We have a slam-dunk process in place to lead several thousand people through a values-based leadership program.

Interested? Give us a call. I promise to sign the cover sheet.