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Leadership is Hard

Leadership is Hard Floricane

Leadership is hard.

This is the central theme that emerged from our first Leadership Circle session last Friday morning. The phrase coined by one of the members resonated with the group. It is hard. That's why there are thousands of leadership books written every year! There is not any one magic way to be a good leader, as evidenced by the broad range of topics our first group generated. Their interests ranged from "use of self as a means of inspiration" to "the balance of confidence and humility" to modeling work-life balance. This is only a snippet of what we discussed -- we are headed for great dialogue this year!

During the group check-out, we found out this group does not want to wait. They were looking for ways to "get started now". Guess that's not surprising from a group of stellar leaders!

Luckily, we get to start with our second group this Friday when another group of leaders from diverse backgrounds and workplaces will begin their journey with each other. I have no doubt that the dialogue will be just as rich.  

The Leadership Circle is a unique offering from Floricane. It is a facilitated monthly dialogue that will occur on the same day and time each month with a small group of leaders -- no more than 8 per group -- who have committed to come together for nine months. It is designed to attract a diverse blend of leaders from corporate, non-profit and governmental entities. It is a confidential space in which to explore the issues, opportunities and ideas that are central to effectively leading an organization or department/division. 

We're expecting to start a few new waves of the Leadership Circle next year. Drop me a line if you want to learn more about it!