Capital One serves up a dose of our own medicine

Sometimes, a little whimsy is all you need. Whimsy, and discipline. 

It was certainly whimsy that led me to submit Floricane’s name for ScopeAthon, an event organized by the Taproot Foundation and Capital One to help small businesses strengthen their processes. Believe me when I say that the six hours that Caroline, Theran and I spent working with a small team of Capital One process experts was worth its weight in gold. Or whatever is in your wallet.

It was, quite honestly, a bit like what many of you have experienced when you’ve brought Floricane into your own organizations.

We had a lovely start to our session. Amy, Krystal and Natasha were intrigued by Floricane. We talked about the history of Floricane, and our areas of focus, and the talented team that has assembled in recent years. And then I stepped away to take an important phone call and look for coffee.

When I came back, Natasha leaned back into the conversation and said, “So, one of the common threads that keeps coming up for me is that John is the bottleneck.”

So much for the intrigue.