We need more better managers, not just better leaders

Leadership Lives at Every Level

Leadership sits at the heart of so much of our work at Floricane. Whether we’re working on strategic planning, organizational change or coaching, a focus on leadership is front-and-center.

I’ve said for years that we believe two things about leadership:

  • Good leadership is a powerful, and positive, force in organizations.
  • Leadership lives at every level of an organization.

I’d like to add two more beliefs to my list:

  • Good leadership does not equal good management.
  • Great organizations grow and develop good leaders and good managers.

After six years of working with thousands of people in hundreds of organizations, I’ve seen consistent evidence that leadership and management skills are at the heart of the most good and engaged organizations.

We need more better managers. You need more better managers.

In January, we’re launching a new management series focused on front-line managers and supervisors – and young, high-potential employees who yearn for solid skill development.

During the multi-month program, we’ll talk about the difference between leadership and management, and emphasize that everyone in the room has opportunities to lead and influence within their organizations. But we’ll emphasize basic management skills – effective communication, meeting management, providing in-the-moment (and job specific) feedback, strategic thinking and building results-focused teams. If you’re interested in learning more about the program, email me or stay tuned to your email in-box.)

Maybe I can sum all of our thinking up with one simple belief:

Effective leadership and management skills are at the non-negotiable heart of any organization interested in thriving in the 21st century.

As we move forward with our work at Floricane, we will be increasing our emphasis on developing and supporting good managers – and understanding the value of core management skills.