julie pence

Floricane Has traded up

Floricane almost feels like a new business. Again.

This month, we brought on two new employees. They've already changed the way we do business. 

Julie Pence is replacing Caroline in a newly titled role. As experience coordinator for Floricane she's in charge of making sure that our collaborative space in the Times-Dispatch building, and the more than 100 discrete workshops and events we hold each year, reflects our brand -- and leaves every client feeling well-engaged. 

Lesley Bruno is coming on board as a consultant -- a new role for the former marketing all-star. Floricane has known Lesley for a long-time. She was at The Valentine when we did strategic planning for the museum way back in 2009, and a few years later I tipped her off to a job at the Greater Richmond Chamber. I let her stay there for four years before luring her to Floricane with Dan Pink's three keys to engagement -- a job with purpose, the opportunity to master new skills, and the autonomy to create a role that really works for where she is in her life. 

Last week, as our team -- five full-time employees, one departing employee, a dedicated contractor, and a new intern -- walked out of the building together for lunch I was a little overwhelmed. Almost seven years ago, I sat in a basement office with my new business' advisory team and said that my vision was to build a team of passionate, smart people who cared about changing our community and people's lives. And here they are.  

As we look ahead at Floricane to a future that is different from our past, I am most excited about my own growing edge -- which involves getting out of people's way. My role in the business continues to evolve and change. My new team relies on each other to deliver great work for our clients more than they rely on me, and that's a good thing. 

We tell our clients all of the time that they need to hire great people, clear a path, and let them run. Lesley and Julie are collectively three weeks into their new career marathon, and they've yet to hit their stride. This is going to be a fun race.