best of 2014

Best Blog Posts of 2014

It's 2015! and although we're not big advocates of living in the past, we's still like to pay homage to 2014 by sharing our favorite blog posts of the past year. In case you missed them:

Core Values With Kick (by John)
Global news site is breaking all the rules with their company values, and it's awesome.

Don't Ask About My Halloween Costume (by Shamoniki)
Shamoniki describes the stresses of Halloween and the holiday season.

Capital One serves up a dose of our own medicine (by John)
We participated in ScopeAthon and got some candid, invaluable feedback.

#OneVCU (by Theran)
See photos by VCU Development staff from their Instagram scavenger hunt.

Taking Wing with Virginia Audubon (by John)
When state chapters of national organizations have "middle child syndrome."

Leadership is Hard (by Debra)
Takeaways from the first session of The Leadership Circle.

We need more better managers, not just better leaders (by John)
Leadership training is important, but we can't forget the importance of good 'ol management skills.

How to Make More Time for Creativity (by Caroline)
Some advice for getting out of your old routine.

Developing People for Tomorrow's Workplace (by John)
'What if we train them and they leave?' What if you don't train them and they stay?

The First Five Weeks (by Shamoniki)
Reflecting on the first five weeks of a new job.

Learning on Your Feet (by John)
Life lessons from a tap dancer.

Insights in Austin, TX (by Theran)
Theran recounts his week-long trip to Texas for Insights® accreditation.