Letter from John

We're Working on Work (Letter from John, July 2014)

We're Working on Work (Letter from John, July 2014)

Last winter, Floricane took Christmas week off. The following week, we kept the calendar free of clients and spent the week working on the business. We dove into 2014 much better prepared, as a result -- and on the same page as a team.

We're in the midst of a repeat right now. Our offices were closed for the Fourth of July week, and
this week we've been client-free and focused on the next 18 months. I think our "Work On Floricane Week" will become a permanent fixture.

We started the week with an outside facilitator helping our team explore our shared vision for the future. (Physician, heal thyself. I know, right?) Another large chunk of time was spent on business development, and we mapped out strategies for our growing social media presence and for our Insights Discovery® work. And we're pretty excited about our 18 month calendar of events, which we'll unveil later this summer.

We've had fun, too. Team breakfasts, downtown walking meetings, a team date with our friends at the Greater Richmond Chamber...

Letter from John: June 2014

I just told my coach that I was tired. In the same breath, I also remarked that I felt fairly calm and even about the number of balls, full plates and albatrosses in the air around me.

Philip then introduced me to the concept of "near enemy", a Buddhist phrase that describes a quality that can masquerade for the original, but is not the original. (The "Far enemy" lies opposite the original.) The near enemy of equanimity is indifference, and the far enemy is anxiety. In our coaching discussion, we explored the degree to which indifference or anxiety were part of my state of being in an extremely busy life.