Coaching Corner: Staying in My Lane

Stay in my lane.png

In coaching our clients recently, role clarity is something that continues to pop up. Whether it's a result of external demands, a co-worker’s departure, new strategic direction for the company, increased responsibility – the list goes on and on it seems the need for clarity doesn’t stop. I suppose its something that is here to stay given the nature of work coming out of the latest recession.

Yet, we as humans need to feel some structure and some security – Millennials, Gen X’ers and Boomers all share this desire. It may show up differently for each generation, but the under-lying, human fundamental is the same.

A recent quote by Brené Brown sums it up nicely:

“I swim for many reasons but none more important than the constant reminder to stay in my own lane.” 

As I work with clients, I help them reach clarity about their lanes – what lives within their lane and what doesn’t. And, more importantly, we work on how they can be the best swimmer within their lane. How to recognize when they go out of bounds and the price they pay for it – both personally and professionally. 

Having lane clarity gives clients the chance to breathe and lean into their role. It helps create a rhythm for their day and their life that makes the stresses seem less overwhelming and a bit more manageable.