Working with Some Real Movers and Shakers

The headline for this post would be a terrible, possibly inappropriate, pun – save for the fact that some of the individuals who helped kick-start VCU’s Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center actually call themselves the Movers & Shakers.

It took me a while to get it.

Bad naming schema aside, it’s been utterly fascinating to dive into the world of medical and clinical research in our strategic planning work with the VCU Center. Our biggest job may well be serving as translators for the talented team of researchers and scientists as they seek to communicate the purpose – and promise – of the Center to the community.

The Center sits at the intersection of global research into neurological disorders, and serves as a gateway to some of the 300,000+ Virginians who have Parkinson’s, Huntington’s or essential tremors. The core focus is research, but there is a clinical care component, as well. At the heart of the Center, however, is the heart of its core team – dedicated researchers who passionately want to solve complex neurological mysteries, and build meaningful relationships with patients and the community.

As we wind down our work with the Center next month, we hope to set the three-year-old Center on a clear course of research and patient care – supported by an organizational structure and an outreach arm that can make its message visible.