Hitting The Right Notes During Challenging Times

Timing is everything, right? Not if you can’t control the timing. The show, as they say, must go on.That turned out to be the case recently when we met with the board and staff of the Richmond Symphony to begin a series of strategic planning conversations – right in the middle of difficult labor negotiations with the Symphony’s musicians.

And so, bright and early on an October morning, we begin a series of creative conversations with the Symphony’s leadership about “re” – reengaging, reinventing, reigniting a centuries-old concept for a changing world. The Symphony’s strategic planning process has a nice organic quality to it – the first phase has included a series of staff conversations, focus groups led by a team from Genworth, benchmarking reports on peer symphonies around the country, a board conversation about core values, and a retreat centered around opportunities and strategic outcomes.

I like to imagine it’s like composing a new piece of music – bringing disparate elements together, writing and rewriting, all in service to a strong and passionate vision.