Fulton Keeps Rising

It's been two years since Peter Fraser and I teamed up to tackle a neighborhood building initiative with Virginia LISC. Our six months of working shoulder-to-shoulder with the residents of the Greater Fulton community in Richmond's East End was humbling, educational and fulfilling. I continue to stay curious about the Fulton community, and am always excited when I hear more evidence of continued progress -- a real testiment to the residents, and the team at LISC.

This morning, I attended the City of Richmond's 2nd Annual Business Recognition Breakfast. There were plenty of familiar faces in the room, and some truly fantastic businesses receiving recognition for their success. I have to say that the single best moment of the morning was to learn about Dhakar Dental, which opened a dental office last fall in the medically underserved Fulton community. Dr. Dhakar and his team not only employee six local residents, but they already boast almost 500 patients. There was not a dental office within walking distance for the 5,000 families in Fulton until Dhakar Dental opened.

And that's what makes the work of community building and change so fulfilling.