Bird on a wire (by Carlee)

I love Twitter. I think it’s a genius way of sharing information and connecting people. I peruse my Twitter feed multiple times a day.  However, inthe past year that I’ve had an account, I have an astonishing 14 tweets to my name.

The same is true of Facebook. As a true millennial, I am a Facebook addict, yet I only post pictures or status updates about once every two weeks. Maybe.

I like to take in information. I like to see what’s going on in the world. When it comes time for me to contribute my two cents on social media, by the time I’ve crafted and articulated my incredibly witty or profound comment, the moment has passed.

When I was asked to write weekly blog posts for this internship, I knew it would be a challenge for me to regularly share my clever and insightful reflections. But I also knew that it was time to join the conversation.

This summer, I’ve seen how joining the conversation is important not just with social media, but also at workplaces, in families, and in community.  

Part of my internship is having conversations with Floricane clients, partners, and friends to help illustrate Floricane’s leadership model. I’ve heard about people’s experiences with Floricane and the lessons they’ve learned from the process. From these conversations, I’ve gleaned the importance of how joining the conversation is part of being an engaged and active leader and organization. Part of leadership is inviting others into the conversation: asking others for input, incorporating feedback, hearing what others have to say, etc. It’s welcoming conversations that are challenging and difficult, engaging with others, and contributing to the story.

I’ve learned it’s incredibly easy to remain a spectator.  Now, it’s time to join in.