Letters of the Law (UR Law Library)

One of the first things we noticed about the University of Richmond Law Library staff was how relaxed and collegial they were! It’s not that we don’t encounterrelaxed and congenial people in our line of work, but it’s sometimes unusual to see a group of 20 people smiling at eight o’clock in the morning!

What really struck us about our day, however, is just how much the economics of the past several years has impacted everything – including if people even attend law school, and what their employment prospects are upon completion.

When you combine positive energy and change, you get great results. In addition to some solid strategic ideas of how the law library team should be thinking differently about its future, the group managed to surface some truly revolutionary ideas.

Taking the time to bring a team together to dream is often a useful and meaningful investment. When your team is ready to dream, the investment always has a better return.