Engagement Takes Time

I’ve recently worked very hard to put some action behind my words –having in-depth meetings with each member of the Floricane team. I’ve asked them for specific feedback to help me better support their success. I’ve challenged them to engage their teammates, and stretch themselves. I’ve asked them to challenge me more.

In our planning conversations for 2014, what I’ve really done is tried – through my actions – to let each member of the Floricane team know how much they matter to our business, and that their contributions are not invisible.

It wasn’t easy carving 12 hours out of my calendar during a very busy December, but it has been important. I’ve limped away from these conversations, mindful that the feedback offered is for my benefit. I’ve danced away, inspired by the commitment of our small team. And I’ve walked away with a real sense of confidence about the coming year.

Engagement takes time. The payoff is powerful.