Being Courageous

Crucial conversations, courageous conversations, difficult conversations. Call them what you will, most of us are having them all the time. We may be giving or receiving feedback, discussing an employee's development, or holding a co-worker accountable. And it does not matter if you have them everyday, courageous conversations can be tricky.

Last week we started a series of meetings with a group of managers from Bon Secours Virginia to talk about the challenges and necessity of courageous conversations. I have been impressed with their willingness to engage their teams and each other in discussions that can often be uncomfortable. They have identified some conversations that they are not yet having, but for the most part they are diving in and talking about what is important, even if it is difficult.

Listening to these managers talk about how they handle crucial conversations has been motivating. It has caused me to reflect on the conversations I am not having and the ones I have been making more difficult than they need to be. Moreover, it has encouraged me to start having more courageous conversations. So, to everyone in my contact list, fair warning. You may want to screen your calls.