Building a Future for a Historic House Museum

As a rising senior at the University of Richmond, I am constantly asked what I would like to do once I graduate. My most common response to this question is, “I’m not exactly sure, but I would potentially like to do consulting”. I had never had an experience in the consulting world but I love to think critically and problem solve so the career path has appealed to me.

So, I was excited to have the opportunity this summer to start an internship at Floricane and work on projects to learn more about consulting and determine if it is a career I would like to follow.

I was thrown into Floricane’s consulting during a “charette” event at the Wilton House Museum.

I grew up in Richmond, but had never visited the museum. I had driven by the “Road to Revolution” and “Wilton House” signs on Cary Street Road numerous times, wondered what they meant. My favorite subject is history so I was excited to visit the Wilton House Museum, and to learn about the Randolph family and the colonial era home.

It was cool to meet and engage the people – board members, docents, other museum directors, and educators – who attended the event, and to see the feedback provided about the Wilton House Museum’s strategic plan. One highlight of the day: A personal tour of the house itself!

The next day, fellow intern Stephen and I met up with Lesley, who is leading the project for Floricane, to debrief our experience. We discussed how the event went and went over the feedback we gathered. We then talked through ideas we had for Wilton and its plan.

Two days into my first consulting experience, and I am excited to say that I am looking forward to my next project and learning more!