Mismatched Boots, Buttercups and Generations at Work

Floricane's May newsletter has hit the streets, and has already gotten traction around John's monthly letter. This month's Letter from John is focused on the generational transfer of power currently taking place in our organizations -- as Boomers accelerate their way out of the workforce, and the Millennial generation (for the first time) makes up the majority of the labor force. Acknowledging the significant of the change, John has a simple message for managers and leaders:

If you’re managing Boomer workers, sit down with them, one-on-one, and understand their skills, their passions, their motivations. If you’re managing Gen X workers, same thing. Millennials? Ditto. (And get ready for the post-Millennial generation. They’re already serving ice cream at Gelati Celesti.)

If you understand the personality and work style of each employee, and adapt your leadership style to their competence and commitment, you’re well in your way to creating a work environment that works for any generation.

The truth of the matter, you’re not managing generations. You’re managing individuals.

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