In Case of Emergency, Put on Your Own Mask First.

We recently kicked off our 5-day Manager Development Program. (MDP) During the first morning, we asked the group to think about a great manager in their life and to list what made them great. Collectively, this is the list they generated.



The MDP participants from 12 organizations varying in size and complexity, will explore numerous models, approaches and techniques to figuring out what their best management looks like and how it impacts others. Our hope is that each workplace is also a bit transformed by each manager’s experience. 

The Manager Development Program specifically addresses what each manager can influence. We aren’t trying to change organizations, bosses or teammates. Our focus during the program is to guide each participant to answer the question, “What is my best management style?” 

Just like the list above, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the “many”, but choosing to narrow our scope to the “few” can be freeing. 

At Floricane, our work is guided by the strongly held belief that we can change the world by providing space for folks, to breathe and explore their own path. It’s like the adage, in an emergency put on your own oxygen mask, before you help anyone else put on their mask. MDP, as we affectionately call it does just that, making it okay for managers to put on their own mask first.