#WotWW Recap: I get it already!

Clients, I finally get it. It is hard to facilitate your own team!

The Floricane team just spent the better part of four days locked in various rooms focused on big strategic business goals. Despite a periodically bumpy ride, we landed some very solid outcomes.

Our Work on the Work Week, or #WotWW as we have somehow hashtagged it, started two years ago as a way for our team to dig into some serious planning work for our own business. No clients, just Floricane.

To keep it interesting this year, Julie organized a series of six meeting locations over the four day stretch – the Gather coworking space; the Robins Foundation’s relaxed meeting room; the Valentine museum; VCU’s renovated trolley Depot; One South Realty; and Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. We finished it off with lunch at The Daily, and three hours of relaxed cocktails and conversation at Amuse in the VMFA.

To keep it focused, we had each member of the team facilitate sections of the week – financials, business development, our team culture, Floricane’s brand, our client engagement model, and refining a half-dozens tools and processes.

It was the worst of times. It was the best of times.

But mostly it was needed time. By the end of the week, our team felt more aligned and better prepared to increasingly deliver a consistently strong Floricane experience for our growing roster of great clients.

As we look ahead to our next #WotWW (typically scheduled after Christmas) we're already thinking of ways to make it more fun and more effective. We'll probably start by hiring a facilitator...