Getting lift with the Byrd

We recently finished a strategic planning process for the Byrd Theatre Foundation, and the entire journey was full of new learning and surprises.

I had no idea, for instance, that the Foundation does not actually operate the theater. Or why single screen theaters are so challenging to operate. Or who around the country operates them well.

And I certainly did not know, early on, how willing and ready the Foundation board would be to seize some significant strategic opportunities – and position the Byrd Theatre for greater success. (And, yes, better seats.)

A few weeks ago, the board met with me, and with Alan Hutson of the Monument Group, a fund development consulting business.

My job was to help the board focus in on a very ambitious set of short-term objectives – including some serious heavy lifting on the change front. Alan's work is to help the foundation look at their fundraising model, and built a sustainable focus in this area.

As Floricane’s work began to wind down, the work Alan and his team will do was just picking up steam.

What was most exciting was that the board does have the appetite for change. Lots of change.

You’ve probably read about that appetite in Style Weekly recently. For me, it’s evidence of an organization ready to get busy.

It’s going to be fun in the months ahead to watch the Byrd take flight.