Work on the Work Week: July 6 through July 10

A few years ago, it happened that Theran, Caroline and I found ourselves in the office with no client projects for the entire week after Christmas. We got a tremendous amount of work done, and thus was born Floricane’s Work on the Work week.

It happens twice a year – 10 days where we avoid client work, and focus our time and creative energy on the business. And it’s really 20 days of focused time – our whole team is on vacation both weeks prior to the Work on the Work weeks.

This year – with two new team members and some major new projects coming on line – we’ve decided to step it up a notch.

Floricane’s 2015 Work on the Work week is a moveable feast of sorts.

We’ll start on Monday, July 6, with breakfast at Gather with the coworking space’s awesome manager, James, and the team from Dodson Properties. We’ll work for three hours, and then head to the Robins Foundation for lunch with the foundation’s dynamic team – and three more hours of work. The Valentine, VCU’s Depot, One South Realty, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts are also on the list. (Day five will be spent at the statewide Virginia Sister Cities Conference – hosted by Floricane, and featuring a keynote by Anne Goddard of ChildFund, International.)

During the week, we’ll spend relaxed time breaking bread with about 100 folks from key client and partner organizations – and wrestle with eight blocks of key business content to help Floricane strengthen and improve.

Look for daily updates on our Work on the Work week starting Monday, July 6!