New Project: Onboarding New Leaders at ChildFund

We've become big fans of the team at ChildFund, International -- partly because their mission-driven work to impact the lives of young people around the world, and partly because they're an amazingly likable team of change makers.

This summer, we continue our journey with ChildFund's leadership as we work with their global fundraising and global human resource teams to "onboard" new leadership.

In our experience, onboarding often means an orientation class for a new employee, and maybe a week of scheduled meetings with key people. ChildFund felt that it was really important for their new leaders to land in their new roles with teams who had spent some serious time preparing for their arrival. The overall goal is to accelerate integration between the new executives and their teams; to maintain focus on key organizational goals; and to ensure a fast, effective and positive initiation into ChildFund's culture and work.