Wednesday, August 27th I met at FeedMore in Richmond with other like-minded young professionals. HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Engage) sponsored a lunch time event where we listened as Douglas Pick, CEO of FeedMore Richmond, and Dominic Barrett, Director of Shalom Farms, discuss food, healthy food and how to get good, healthy food to those who need it. It was an enlightening event. 


First off, FeedMore Richmond is an all compassing group containing Meals on Wheels, the Food Bank, and the Community Kitchen, where they prepare all the meals in house. They provide food to thirty-five counties and five cities, all the way into North Carolina. Their goal is clear: empower lives and provide a healthy community through collaboration and leadership. This is very necessary. According to Barrett 75% of children need assisted lunch programs.

At Shalom Farms they work hard to battle local hunger. Through their volunteer farm, located in Goochland, they help produce food for the local food bank and work with Bon Secours on food prescription programs. Anyone can volunteer to help, with a friend or group. After the talk and tour I am motivated to volunteer to help the ongoing battle against hunger, but most of all I am brightened by the love, consideration, and passion that encapsulates everyone that knows the need and does not falter to help.

The FeedMore food bank that we toured.

The FeedMore food bank that we toured.