The Leadership Circle: 3 Reasons I'm Excited!

The Leadership Circle is an idea that has been brewing with the Floricane team for about a year now. I am so excited that we are finally launching it this fall! 

There are three things in particular that excite me about this program:

Applications are due August 8th, 2014.

Applications are due August 8th, 2014.

  1. I've experienced first-hand with my clients that having a safe place to discuss issues is highly valued by them. I am looking forward to creating that space for a group of participants! 
  2. Creating a peer group to network, build relationships and connect is a real need. One of our goals at Floricane is to build community, so this fits right in. 
  3. Last, from a selfish perspective, I am looking forward to the learning that I will gain from hanging with the really talented and smart people this group will attract!

The Leadership Circle is a new group coaching program for senior leaders in Richmond. The first session starts in September; applications are being accepted through August 8th, 2014.