The Leadership Circle: What is it?

This fall, Floricane will be launching a new program called the Leadership Circle. While we know there are a gazillion leadership programs in the marketplace, we think the Leadership Circle offers something unique. How is it unique? It's a confidential place for leaders to gather and discuss issues relevant to them. Topics will be generated by the participants in their first session.

The Leadership Circle will be a cohort group of leaders that come from all types of places such as: profit, non-profit, government and trade associations. Blending leaders from different situations was a specific request from the participants in our focus groups. They felt the varied backgrounds would enhance the discussion and enrich the path to solutions.

Floricane’s coaches, Anne and I, will be there to facilitate each monthly conversation. We will add our expertise as well as ask questions to keep the conversation on track.

Get more details about the Leadership Circle here!

Applications are due by August 8th, 2014.